Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Talent shows

 Today Murdock had a fourth grade talent show.  I was not in it, though I watched with the entire grade.  I saw about 6 and a half hours of true talents.  I was amazed.  When you think about what talents can be you would be amazed. What can kids do? That is what you should ask yourself.  I saw dancing, singing, and lots more. I was surprised when two jokesters walked to do a act.

Talent shows are a great way to  show your talent to other people, while in school you show teachers and friends what you can do. That is why a lot of kids like talent shows.  You can also express yourself while doing a talent. Sadly, a lot of kids get stage fright.
Stage fright can appear in different ways for different people.  People will say, I fear getting up in front of crowds.  I noticed that one my friends shook on stage because everyone is looking at her. She also forgot the lyrics or dance moves. That is how stage fright effects her.